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Clean With Lavox

Soap Rest

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The perfect soap rest holder for your Lavox soap. Soap holders help lengthen the life of your soaps as they give them a dry place to rest. Do not wet your soap holder, please keep it as dry as possible. If you no longer need a soap holder our soap holders can convert to a large scourer and can also be fully biodegraded. When you’re done with it simply put it in the compost where it will happily biodegrade. 

This is for one soap bar rest NOT including the soap.

Dimensions: 15.5cm X 10cm X 0.5cm 

Product origin: India 

Materials: Coir fiber, natural latex, cotton stitching. 

Usage: Keep dry and use to place your zero-waste soaps. 

Care instructions: Always keep dry. If your soap holder becomes wet simply dry and then place soap after it is fully dried. 

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