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Clean With Lavox

Lavox's Original Coconut Scourer

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Vegan friendly



Our scourers are effective and efficient cleaners. They are easy to grip and great to use. Use alongside our zero waste soaps for the perfect clean. They are long-lasting and very durable. Perfect in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. Great for cleaning anything! This listing is for one scourer. 


Want some eco-friendly cleaning recipes using natural ingredients? You might like our eco-friendly, natural ingredient cleaning eBook. 


Dimensions: 7.5cm X 10.4cm X 0.5cm 

Product origin: India

Materials: Coir fiber, natural latex, and cotton stitching. 

Usage: Perfect for washing dirty dishes, great with grime and grease. Great in bathrooms to scrub away grime and soap build-up. Lavox scourers lather very well. Always rinse with water before and after every use. 

Care instructions: Rinse well before and after every use. Our scourers are long-lasting, but once they have seen too many dirty dishes you can simply throw the scourer in your compost. Try to keep dry in-between uses. Always patch test if using on materials. Do not use in aquariums. Test delicate surfaces to ensure no scratching. 


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