Shocking Ocean Plastic Pollution Facts

Shocking Ocean Plastic Pollution Facts

list of facts on ocean plastic pollution and how it damages the ocean and animals that live in the ocean


We need to keep our oceans clean and free of plastic, this is easier said than done. The sheer volume of plastic already in the ocean is of grave concern. It poses a humungous threat to wildlife and also humans. The plastics in the ocean don't just degrade and go away, they turn into micro-plastics. 

Plastics can now be found in every ocean across the planet. Micro-plastics have been found in humans and we consume vast amounts of plastic each year through our water in-take and food consumption. 

The infographic in this post highlights some disturbing facts about plastics in the oceans that you may not know. 

Plastic pollution is a very real and very dangerous threat to the planet's ability to contain and maintain life. We all need to work together to reduce plastic usage. That's why at Lavox we sell plant-based cleaning products. We know removing single-use plastics can be hard but we try and make it easy for you. Simply change the product not your habit when cleaning. When you have finished with our very effective and durable cleaning tools simply compost them as they are made from plants so they can return to nature! 

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How do you reduce single-use plastics? Please share any tips or tricks below. 


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