What does my packaging come in?

We send all our products out with minimal eco-friendly packaging. Our packaging is FSC certified and made with recyclable materials. 


Is your courier carbon neutral?

Yes, the postal service we use is carbon neutral.


When can I expect my items? 

Your items are all sent out with a courier service that comes with tracking, so please refer to the tracking number linked with your order.  


What is your delivery policy?

All items are shipped out within 24 hours of purchase. Our standard shipping takes around 2-5 business days (this may change dependent on Covid conditions). All items are tracked and come with tracking. We are not responsible for lost or damaged orders and goods. When your order leaves our warehouse they are inspected for quality control. If you have an issue with your order please contact us with a photo of the issue, we are always happy to assist you. 



What are your products made of? 

Scourer - natural coir coconut material and natural latex. 

Scourer and sponge - natural coir coconut material, natural latex, and 100% cellulose sponge. 

Dish holders - natural coir coconut material and natural latex

Zero waste soaps - coconut oil, castor oil, fragrance, lye, and water. PALM OIL FREE!


Are your products biodegradable?

When looked after well our products should last a number of weeks in your home, even with very regular usage. When they need to be discarded simply cut them up and put them in your garden as they can biodegrade naturally as they are made of natural products. Home compostable. 


Where are your products made?

Our cleaning tool products are ethically made in India using sustainable coir plantations and natural rubber plantations. Our soaps are handmade right here in Australia. 


How often should I use a new scourer and sponge scourer?

We would recommend to change your cleaning products every 2 weeks or so, however our products are VERY durable and will easily last a lot longer than two weeks. 



Are your products vegan? 

Yes, all our products are vegan.


Carbon Neutral 

Is Lavox carbon neutral?

At this stage we are not, but on our social media we plant trees for followers so please go follow us on there to help reforest the world. Our instagram account is @cleanwithlavox