DIY Low-Tox General Purpose Cleaning Spray

DIY Low-Tox General Purpose Cleaning Spray

Vinegar is an excellent solution for nearly all cleaning troubles. It removes grease and grime and can be used nearly everywhere in the house (except if you have granite or marble, do NOT use vinegar on these surfaces) and an added bonus is that it is super easy to make a beautiful smelling cleaning solution for your home with all natural ingredients that are easy to buy.  

Infusing vinegar with pleasant fragrance is very easy and requires minimal effort. You need sterile spray bottles (with no metals as the vinegar will cause rust). We suggest using an old spray bottle that you may have bought from the supermarket, just ensure it has been cleaned and sterilised and you're good to go.  After this is done collect your ingredients. A simple and easy vinegar infusion is to use citrus peel, do not include the pulp as this will make the vinegar sticky. Try using lemon on its own or mix it up and try and combine citrus. Some nice smelling ideas are lemon and lime, orange and lemon, mandarin, or even grapefruit peels. If you want to get extra fancy we suggest lemon and thyme or lemon and rosemary infusions. 

Some other nice infusions would be pine (you could use fresh or dried pine needles), lavender, or even sage. These ingredients can be either fresh or dried. So when you have decided what scents you will use. Simply pour vinegar into your bottles, put the infusing ingredients in, tightly seal and place under your kitchen sink or somewhere dark and let the vinegar infusion for at least two weeks. When this is done strain the infusion to remove the peels or herbs. Once this is done, simply put the infused liquid into the spray bottles and you're ready for cleaning. 

Always patch test and if you're unsure about if you can use vinegar on certain fabrics research it on (they plant trees for every search you make!).


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