12 Ideas To Make Cleaning Fun

12 Ideas To Make Cleaning Fun

Cleaning need not be boring or tiresome! It is a task that must be done so we may as well learn to enjoy cleaning! Cleaning can take up large amount of our time throughout the day and week.


Here is a lost of 12 activities to do whilst cleaning to make sure you're never bored again!



- Learn a new language whilst you clean! Try some audio lesson on a language you had been meaning to learn. There are so many good audio language courses available for either free or for a small fee. If you'd like a free language course check out FSI, they have so many languages and they're free! 


- Make a cleaning playlist and listen to your favourite music! 


- Pretend you're competing against others and you're on the clock and it's a race to finish all your tasks before the timer runs out! If you beat the timer reward yourself after!


- Create a routine. This doesn't sound all that fun BUT hear me out. If you have a routine it can make cleaning almost like clockwork and you don't realise how quickly you can finish tasks and then BAM cleaning time is over. 


- Involve someone with the cleaning. It could be a partner or your children. Getting everyone involved not only helps everyone clean quicker but it creates a good vibe between everyone and if everyone cleans together they also might make sure it doesn't get as messy as they'll be involved with the cleaning next time. 


Other ideas are 

- Do a beauty mask/treatment 

- Dance with your broom or vacuum cleaner

- Reward yourself after you have finished

- Dress up in some whacky clothes

- Repeat your favourite affirmations

- Listen to an audio book

- Make it a race against other members of the household


Do you have any other ideas for making cleaning fun? Leave them below! 


~The Lavox team~