Attainable Zero Waste Habits Part 1

Attainable Zero Waste Habits Part 1

 Zero-waste living imperfectly is better than no zero waste at all! That's our motto. Below are some fairly simple, cheap, and easy steps that you can take to move towards a more zero-waste life. Zero waste isn't about completely changing your life overnight, but more slow and steady changes that make a big impact over time. Share this post with family and friends and go on a sustainable zero waste journey together! 



Grab a container and start composting your scraps and good waste. Composting doesn't need to be hard but it does need to be done right in order for it to not make a stink in your home or backyard. There are plenty of ways to compost, check out our Pinterest for some great resources for people who are new to composting. 


Grow your own herbs 

 Often herbs from the supermarket or green grocer come packaged with single-use plastics. This is highly unnecessary and not good for anyone, so the best solution would be to grow your own herbs! Anyone anywhere can grow herbs as most are quite hardy and don't mind living indoors. Home-grown herbs not only are fresher and more flavoursome, but they also have a much lower carbon-footprint and do not come in plastics, it's a win-win!


Consume Less 

This might not be an obvious solution to the problems the world is facing at the moment, however it is one of the easiest things you can do to help heal the planet. By consuming less we create less waste. By using what we already have we are less reliant on cheap and quick purchases that might not be eco-friendly. A good challenge to start of consuming less is do a no/low spend month, see how you manage and go from there. Did you notice you were buying just because you could? Or did you find that you already had what you needed, or could go without? In our over-consuming society it is very easy to just buy without thinking. 


How else could you take steps towards a zero-waste life? Please leave your thoughts and comments below, we want to hear how you are going to go zero-waste!


~ The Lavox Team ~