Our Favourite Zero-Waste Books

Our Favourite Zero-Waste Books

It is clear, the science is in...we NEED to go plastic-free and zero waste. We all need to reduce waste, use what we have, share, and live a greener more delicate life, the planet depends on it! But actually going from knowing that you need to make lifestyle changes to actually making those changes can be difficult and daunting, however there are so many brilliant resources available the process can be simplified. 

When the founders of Lavox started their plastic-free, zero-waste journey they were constantly researching and reading. There is so much brilliant information out there on how to become more zero waste, so we though a great way to help our readers out would be compile a list of our top picks for zero-waste books. You may have heard of some as they're quite popular with really great tips and tricks, and other you may not have heard of. We have provided links to these books but they are NOT affiliate links, we do NOT earn any money if you buy them, we just really liked these books and hope you do too! The books are ranked in no particular order so feel free to investigate on your own and pick the book that will most suit your needs and zero-waste goals. 

1. Less Stuff: Simple zero-waste steps to a joyful and clutter-free life by Lindsay Miles

2. A zero waste life by Anita Vandyke 

3. 101 ways to go zero waste by Kathryn Kellogg 


These are our top 3 books! There are some other great books available that we can share in our part two guide. Do you have a favourite book that helped you go zero-waste? 


We all need to play our part and do what we can to help the planet. By going zero-waste we not only help our own planet and the animals that live on there, but it can also help us save money and embrace imperfections. In a modern society that embraces highly polished, perfected images, the zero-waste movement can be refreshing. We hope you enjoyed this small curated selection and we wish you the best of luck on your own zero-waste journey. 


~The Lavox Team~