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Clean With Lavox

Lavox's Original Dual Scourer Sponge

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Vegan friendly


Our scourer sponges are made from coconut coir material for the scourer and for the sponge 100% cellulose (which comes from trees). They are the perfect item to wipe up spills and scrub those dirty dishes. Highly absorbent and durable, our scourer sponges are the perfect tool to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean. This listing is for one scourer sponge. 

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Dimensions:7.5cm X 10.4cm X 2.2cm 

Product origin: India

Materials: Coir fibre, natural latex, natural cellulose sponge, and cotton stitching. 

Usage: Our sponge scourers are the ultimate eco-friendly cleaning tool. With the best of both worlds, a circular economy scourer made form coconut coir and a natural cellulose sponge, they are perfect for cleaning spills, cleaning tough dirty dishes, great on grease, and really can be used anywhere there is a mess. Great in bathrooms or the laundry. This is the ultimate eco-friendly cleaning tool to add to your cleaning arsenal. 

Care instructions: Rinse well before and after every use. Try to keep dry in-between uses. Our scourers are long lasting, but once they have seen too many dirty dishes you can simply throw the scourer in your compost. Always patch test if using on materials. Do not use in aquariums. Test delicate surfaces to ensure no scratching. 

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