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Clean With Lavox

5 Scourers - % OFF

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No need to stress about having eco-friendly cleaning products ready at hand, this bundle should last you one month. Our scourers are VERY durable and our handmade zero waste dish soaps lather well and leave your dishes with a fresh coconut and lime scent.

It is scientifically recommended that you change your sponges and scourers at least once every week - every fortnight, for optimal hygiene in the home. When you are ready for a new scourer or sponge simply compost them. 

Want some eco-friendly cleaning recipes using natural ingredients? You might like our eco-friendly, natural ingredient cleaning eBook


 This listing is for: 

5 scourers


Lavox products are:





Vegan friendly




Care instructions: Scourer and scourer sponge please refer to packaging. 

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