What is Low Tox Living?

What is Low Tox Living?

You may have heard someone mention wanting to live more "low tox", and thought to yourself "What but does that mean?". You may have seen or read on the internet "low tox living", but thought again, "What does that mean there are toxins everywhere, especially in modern society!". Low tox living is a lifestyle that aims to reduce the exposure of toxins in the home and elsewhere. Ideally organic food and clothing is preferred. Also any products that are used in the home are checked to see if they contain harmful chemicals. A big part of the movement involves going back to old methods of cleaning and consuming. DIY cleaning products are low-tox living lifestyles go-to's, using natural ingredients, oils, and natural fabrics and materials are all common for low-tox lifestylers. 


In order to go low tox you need to reduce the amount of toxins in the products you use. That can't be hard surely? Well you'd be surprised as toxins ARE EVERYWHERE. You need to check over clothing (for unnatural materials and chemical dyes), make-up products, skincare, hair care, cleaning products, cooking products (e.g. teflon and plastics are big no-nos), and the list goes on. 


Here are some easy tips to help you go low tox:

- Avoid scented candles or spray air deodorisers and use essential oils instead! 

- Buy natural materials for your clothing, ideally if you can find them buy plant-based dyed clothing. Chemical clothing dyes are terrible for the environment and your skin. 

- Eat organic produce or better yet grow some of your own. This is not only better for you but better for the environment. Avoid GMO produce and seeds. 

- Use natural based products for make up, mineral make up could be a good idea! 


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