Simple zero-waste check list before leaving your home

Simple zero-waste check list before leaving your home

This check list is for you to remember each time you prepare to leave your home. It is a little reminder to take all your zero-waste products before leaving home in order to reduce single use plastics when out.

We feel everyone should have the below items in order to reduce single-plastic use. We understand it is not for everyone and isn't always viable for everyone, however these items can be gathered over time. The great thing about zero waste is that even if you're not doing it perfectly you're still doing it and that's all that matters, every little bit counts! 


The items below are to listed in any particular order:

- Reusable water bottle

- Reusable coffee cup

- Reusable napkins

- Reusable food container

- Reusable grocery/shopping bags 

- Bike/Public transport card 

- Reusable cutlery 

- Reusable straws 


We understand that the role of climate change action shouldn't only be dumped onto the citizen individual, however we can all agree there are steps we can take to reduce single-use plastics and every time this happens it's a win for the planet even though it may feel like such a small win. 

What else would you add to this list? 


~The Lavox Team~