The Essential Guide To Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

The Essential Guide To Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

This eco-friendly spring cleaning guide will help you declutter and clean your home this spring. We have collected some great resources that will help you in your spring cleaning efforts. To make this guide even better we, of course, have sourced some great resources for eco-friendly cleaning. You don't need harsh toxins or chemicals to clean your home, all natural is effective and the best option! 

Spring cleaning is something we should all do, it can help declutter, it also can help to rest the mind and of course your home. Here are some general tips for spring cleaning General Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips .

Now for some specific rooms of the house. We all need spring cleaning ideas for our kitchens as they can get so messy. The kitchen is most likely the most used area in your home, so that means most likely the dirtiest! Here are some great tips for cleaning your kitchen. Plus some tips from the domestic goddess herself Martha Stewart, a guide to spring cleaning in the kitchen.  

We can't forget to clean in the bathroom! Alongside the kitchen being the most used room in your home your bathrooms probably are too! So they deserve some loving care and of course a deep clean.  Try out these tips and tricks in your bathroom this spring. After reading these great guides all you need to now do is l get some gloves on and start cleaning!

Maybe you don't feel as Zen as you used to, your mind is a jumble, maybe you need to do some decluttering? Try out these spring cleaning decluttering tips to help you reach your inner Zen.

Don't forget your eco friendly cleaning tools! Lavox’s products are made from 100% eco-friendly, plant-based material. Our products are made from coconut coir, natural latex, and cellulose sponge from FSC approved forests. And to top it all off they come from an ethical supply chain. Our coconut scourers are perfect for scrubbing away dirt and grime, they can be used both indoors or outdoors.  If you’re looking for a great multi-purpose cleaning tool you can’t go past our dual scourer sponge which is made from natural wood cellulose and coocnut coir, and of course can be used both indoors our outdoors. Our peoducts are natural and durable and a great addition to your apring cleaning tools. 


We hoped this guide was helpful! 


~The Lavox Team~