3 Easy Ways To Start Living Low Tox

3 Easy Ways To Start Living Low Tox

 Living low-tox requires commitment and education. You need to delve into product labels and figure out what products you want to eliminate form your home based off of nasties they contain. It is really is easy to go low-tox and plastic free you just have to start small and keep going! Some easy ways to go low-tox are below...

1. Choose your clothing carefully

It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of living low-tox, however this is something that is really important. The clothes we wear often contain harsh dyes and are often made of plastics, these long term cannot be good for the body when we are exposed wearing them day in day out. Switching your wardrobe to natural materials like bamboo, cotton, hemp, and linen are great ways to let your body breath. 



2. Avoid hash laundry cleaning chemicals 

Instead of using harsh laundry cleaning products for your clothes try alternatives like citric acid to keep whites white (always patch test), baking soap, vinegar, or soap nuts! All are natural and do a great job at cleaning, you wouldn't even tell the difference between DIY laundry products and store bought. You can even avoid plastics all together if you buy these ingredients in bulk from your local bulk food shop. 


3. Clean out your cleaning cupboard

Do your research and use tried and tested cleaning recipes (of which there are a lot online and in our eBook), these DIY cleaning products are great at helping reduce the amount of chemicals in your home's air.  A lot of chemicals in cleaning products are very harsh, especially any products with 'fragrance' listed as ingredient. These fragrances are often protected by copy-right so they're allowed to not state the actual chemicals in them, so you really don't know what you're putting into your home's air. 



There are so many toxins found in household products, it can be overwhelming to think about how to reduce them. We hope this short lists helps you to start living low-tox and plastic-free. 


~The Lavox Team~