5 Easy Ways To Quit Plastics

5 Easy Ways To Quit Plastics

Quitting plastics is about refusing plastics and not allowing them in your life. You can do this by being careful when buying products, as we know plastics are literally everywhere. They've been found in oceans everywhere and we even eat plastics, they're micro-plastics and we eat and drink them daily. So when refusing plastic items you are actively trying to help out the global plastic problem.

Below are five ideas where you can avoid plastics in your life. 


1. Refuse plastic containers 

Ask if your favourite take-away uses biodegradable containers for their food. If not ask if you can bring your own containers. At home in the kitchen say goodbye to cling-wrap and zip lock bags and say hello to eat wraps, reusable glass containers, silicon bowl toppers, and cloth bags. 


2. Refuse plastic cleaning containers and products 

It is SO easy to use natural ingredients to help clean your home, the plastic bottled cleaning products are so not necessary. Another way to reduce plastic-usage is to not use plastic sponges and scourers. Lavox offers plastic-free, low-tox, plaint-based scourers and scourer sponges. 


3. Refuse plastic bathroom supplies 

You can find a lot of single-use plastics in the bathroom BUT there are many eco-friendly plastic free swaps you can make to eliminate bathroom plastics. Buy bamboo toothbrushes, compostable deodorant, safety razors, shampoo and conditioner soap bars, and soap bars instead! These swaps are so easy to do and they're affordable so won't break the budget. 


4. Refuse produce wrapped in plastic

Buy from a local green grocer instead of supermarkets as many do not use plastic to wrap their produce in (plus they're often cheaper and better quality!). There is no need of the excessive plastics found on produce, it is single-use and completely unnecessary.


5. Refuse plastic water bottles, straws, and bags

This is another easy swap to make. To stop buying plastic water bottles and invest in a reusable water bottle. Straws are arguably not really necessary but if you do need one invest in a reusable straw, they're easy to clean and often come in their own little pouches you can easily take around with you. Plastics bags can also be avoid with pre-planning. Keep a collapsable bag on you or keep them in your car so you don't forget them when going grocery shopping. 


These ideas may be simple but they're great and fairly easy ways to quit plastics. Do you have any other easy ways to quit plastics, if so be sure to comment them below! 


~ The Lavox Team ~