5 Simple Eco-Friendly Living Ideas You Can Start Today

5 Simple Eco-Friendly Living Ideas You Can Start Today

Want to help the Earth by living a more eco-friendly life, but not sure where to start or what to do?! We've created our top 5 simple eco-friendly ideas that anyone can start. These simple tips don't cost any money and you can start right away! 

1. Invest your money with ethical banks. This point might not be immediately obvious to a lot of people because a lot of banks are not transparent about where they invest your money. A lot of banks invest in non-renewable technologies and contribute to deforestation across the globe. Ask your current bank or search on the internet to see if you are investing in ethical sources. 

2. The biggest thing you can do in regards to single use plastics is refuse to use them. There are so many alternatives out there and often you can just use what you already have at home to replace single use plastics. 

3. Picking up rubbish whilst walking is good for your health and the planet's! Always be careful for sharp items or rust etc. Only pick up rubbish with appropriate clothing and gear.

4. There are SO many easy plastic swaps to do in your house. You can easily start by changing over your cleaning tools to Lavox's plastic-free cleaning tools. Our scourers and sponges are great ways to help you live a more eco-friendly life. They are natural and plant-based and can return to nature once you have finished using them. They're great at cleaning and very durable. 

5. Reducing the amount of meat eaten really is significant in reducing your carbon footprint (it's also great for you health!). Try reducing your meat consumption and go one or two days a week meat free.  

At Lavox we're serious about helping people live more sustainable and eco-friendly lives. Don't forget to check out our eBook that gives some really great recipes for cleaning naturally in the home. Forget chemicals that are often found in supermarket cleaning products and return to nature with effective natural cleaning. 

How are you already living an eco-friendly life? Please leave your experience in the comments! 



~ The Lavox Team ~