5 Simple Eco-Friendly Living Ideas You Can Start Today

5 Simple Eco-Friendly Living Ideas You Can Start Today

We all know the world needs change. We need to be more conscious of our carbon footprint, we need to be more aware of where the items we buy come from, we need to shop locally, and we need to reduce our plastic consumption. We also need to support companies and businesses that are actively being eco-friendly and trying to create and contribute to the circular economy. We need to hold companies who greenwash and continue to pollute accountable. However, all of these things can feel overwhelming for one individual to do. So the Lavox team have come up with a small list of a few very simple ideas that are eco-friendly that could be incorporated into your life today! Living eco-friendly doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be expensive. Living an eco-friendly life doesn't mean you have to give up creature comforts or completely change your habits and lifestyle. 

Our top 5 simple eco-friendly ideas are as follows: 

- If you can, take public transport to work or school

 This is such an easy step to take if it is available to you. This of course isn’t for everyone as not everyone has access to reliable public transport. However if you do, we highly encourage you to commute via public transport. Another huge plus about it is you can just commute and relax and maybe even read a book you’ve been meaning to whilst you head to work or school! 

- If possible invest in solar panels for your home

 If you are renting, this may not be an option. However if you live in a country with enough sunlight to make this viable, we say go for it! You could potentially reduce your power bills plus potentially make money by feeding the energy you collect back into the grid. 

- Try growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits

 We all know that local is best and this isn’t just because it will taste better, but because it hasn’t travelled as far, meaning less of a carbon footprint. So if you can grow your own as you will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your food, plus getting into the garden is super fun! 

- Repair your items before buying new or try buying second hand

How many of us would throw away a sock with a small hole in it? We're guessing most of us, but how radically different would the world be if we all took the time to mend it and give it a second life? We would dramatically reduce fabric waste in landfill and reduce harsh fabric dyes that often get released into the oceans. If you cannot mend, try second-hand buying. Another good reel to follow is try to always look for second hadn't options before looking for brand new. You just never know what you might fund when looking at second hand items. 

- Share what you have with friends and family 

Every household doesn't require two lawn mowers when you think about it, right? So why not reduce over-buying and just have a communal mower? This thought process can apply to so many household items. What other items do you rarely use that could be more communal? If you have a garden, share your crop with family, friends, and neighbours! There isn't anything nicer than spending some time out in a garden growing, harvesting, and sharing with those you love. 

These ideas may seem simple but they are good ideas to help reduce consumption, waste, and carbon usage.

Which was your favourite suggestion?! 


~ The Lavox Team ~