4 Easy Plastic Free Tips to Help You Go Zero Waste

4 Easy Plastic Free Tips to Help You Go Zero Waste


Here are some super simple ways to reduce your plastic usage that you can start today! 


1. Say no to plastic bags

It's a simple yet effective way to reduce your plastic consumption. Instead of plastic bags, use reusable shopping and produce bags. 


2. Say not to plastic wrap

An eco-friendly version of plastic wrap are beeswax wrappers. Made from natural materials they are a far more eco-friendly option. Plus you save money long term too!


3. Say no to single use coffee cups 

Coffee is a necessity to many people but single-use coffee cups shouldn't be! Please invest in a reusable coffee cup or choose to have a sit down coffee instead.


4. Say no to plastic sponges 

Little known fact...nearly all sponges at the supermarket are made from plastic!!! It is recommended you change your sponges once a week. That's 52 sponges a year per household! Swap to Lavox's cellulose sponge scourer and help your kitchen go zero waste.


What else do you do that helps reduce your plastic use consumption?



The Team from Lavox